General christian perception of the world

November 28th, 2005

world.jpg “For God so loved THE WORLD that God gave God’s only Son…” – John 3:16

God loves the world, not just part of it, just as God loved the Israelites. There were 12 tribes of the Israelites. Only one of them, the Levites, were the devoted worshippers of God. What were the other 11 tribes doing while the Levites were worshipping? Well the common response is, obviously sinning. (Nathan Johnson, The Cinematic Underground)I created this post out of a frustration that The Cinematic Underground expressed during their concert; this idea of N.E.C. Art, (Not Explicitely Christian Art) being rediculously bogus. This is the “hip christianity”. They were frustrated (as I understand it) because Jesus came to redeem the world not just the Christian part of it. Christians categorize themselves as being the group that God loves and puts the rest of the world into this “other” category, a category of the unclean, the sinful, the foresaken. They speak for God in that God only loves one tribe, the Christian tribe. The truth is, God loves THE WORLD… all of the tribes, clean or unclean, sinful or righteous. This is the primary reason, as I can understand, that God sent God’s son… to redeem THE WORLD. This obliterates the idea of N.E.C. Art because if this is really the case, every art becomes N.E.C. art.

Please let me know your disagreements, or if I misrepresented.

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