Racism… Still alive and well…

November 9th, 2005

I will just share my disgust. I came across a person today that said, “They are so dumb. Why would you be offended by being called what you are, black.” I almost hit him in the face. I couldn’t really believe what I was hearing. I have always thought about why there is still racism and repression still going strong in our world and could never understand really where it was. I think about all of the movement over the last 50 years towards something called equality especially in the United States, and I don’t understand why someone would argue something like this. It really seems that these comments lead the progression back on its heels, back towards the box it so deserves to be released from. Hit from below; it’s balanced is questioned but only for a second.

But in all honesty the ignorance that is still EVERYWHERE in the world today (myself included) really suffers the movement of equality. Even among secular sects of contemporary philosophy there is a strong movement of morals being sourced in the value of community and friendship. I see in no way how comments like this could bring about any positive reaction among any group of people. In fact, I really think that arguing towards classifying people does the exact opposite of building community in a world that is so desolate and in need of love.

I don’t know. It seems to me, religion excluded, if our common goal is existence, it is then a common imperative that we support an idea of community and happiness. Anything opposite, to the extreme, leaves us empty and lifeless. This is an ethical judgement I am making that is easily debateable. However, I truly feel like community is a place to start. Primarily following aristotilian philosophy of moral good, friendship is quite high on the list. Either way, it is hard to see how comments and arguments like these bring us towards a better life or resolution.

Especially today, people are not red and yellow black and white. Our world, if it happens to continue for a while longer is moving in the direction of a single race and single culture. If the earth lasts long enough, that is where we will be. Think about it, you have 20 paints and you slowly mix them, eventually you have one colour. The truth is our differences in this planet are very small. We all express and emote, and we are all full of shit. Moving people into different categories of our existence is absolutely in no way towards something positive, instead it moves us in the opposite direction, the direction of disrespect and persecution.

I understand that this comment was said in conversation between a few and in my opinion, the guy who said it isn’t racist, just questions common norms. However, this does not seem to absolve all blame. Maybe he understood who I was and that I would not at all be swayed by his comments, but for many the race issue teeters between the sick Jim Crow idea that the african american man as an evil creature and being an equal to any other man. I don’t feel like this comment would compel anyone in the direction that I think is important for our society, the one towards equality. For this I was deeply frustrated…

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