Ruby on Rails: Upload Column (Not Found) issue

September 4th, 2007

So I have been working my way through this Ruby on Rails/Object Oriented Programing business and have been loving it. I have now set up on a PC. I have been using the NetBeans Ruby IDE which is amazing because it has everything setup for you. I use WAMP as my development web service and MySQL database. My most recent problem was with the Upload Column plugin. I had the Upload Column plugin installed, but every time I ran the app and tried to upload a photo I got a URL ‘NOT FOUND’ Webrick error. It was frustrating mostly because there was no documentation for any fixes.

Sadly, instead of fixing the issue I assumed it was something with NetBean’s setup for webrick and decided to try “Instant Rails” which uses Mongrel instead of Webrick. This change was successful and now Upload Column works perfectly fine. If you know how to do this, go for it. I will paste my steps below.

  1. Download Instant Rails at
    (note where you will run instant rails from… I just put mine in ‘C:/’)
  2. Inside of NetBeans follow: TOOLS > OPTIONS > MISCELLANEOUS > RUBY
  3. Change the ruby interpreter to you your Instant Rails folder… Mine looks like ‘C:\InstantRails\ruby\bin\ruby.exe’
  4. Might have to download sync-stdio.rb and put it in your NetBeans Ruby IDE folder. Mine is ‘…/nbrubyide/ruby1/sync-stdio.rb’
  5. Then Run Instant Rails
  6. Install the appropriate gems in the ‘Ruby Console Window’ (Right click on the big ‘I’ in the system tray RAILS APPLICATIONS > OPEN RUBY CONSOLE WINDOW)
  7. Update your database using phpMyAdmin (also via Instant Rails’ system tray)
  8. In NetBeans Ruby IDE start your app

That should fix the “Not Found” error. Or at least it did for me. Let me know if I need to clarify anything else a little better. Thanks…

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