New ways to order Papa John’s

November 15th, 2007

Papa John'sApparently, now you can order Papa John’s pizzas with text messages. You have to sign up online and save up to 4 favorite orders. Then you can text ‘FAV1’, ‘FAV2’, ‘FAV3’, or ‘FAV4’ to 4PAPA. They will reply with your order (title) and you can confirm or change it. Then, 30 minutes later, it arrives or is ready for pickup, whatever you choose in your online settings.

Seems great, but I can’t figure out how to order specials (i.e. “The Calvin Special”), and honestly $13 for a Large Papa John’s Pizza with one topping is far too expensive in my mind.

If anyone learns how to setup an $8 pizza w/ 1 topping as a ‘FAV’, please let me know.

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