Where the hell is Matt?

July 25th, 2008

So apparently I missed this boat. This apparently was huge about a year and a half ago. I just came across it on youtube randomly, clicked on it thinking it was The Today Show’s “Where In The World Is Matt Louher (sp?)”. It actually turned out to be a video of this kid traveling to every possible place in the world and doing a little dance at each stop. I am thinking that The Today Show’s version was a spin off of this guys travels.

Now I generally don’t subscribe to guerilla/viral marketing (which this definitely could be), but this guy openly confesses that this started out as a fluke. He had always danced like a goof-ball (since 2-3 years old) and still dances that way. One day his traveling buddy said, ‘Dude, do that annoying dance you always do and I will film you’. Eventually people found that video and it became popular. Then people from Stride gum contacted him and asked him if he wanted to make another video that they would sponsor. He of course said yes. They kept their hands out of it, not requiring anything except that he create it. (Get the whole story at http://wherethehellismatt.com/).

The coolest part about this whole thing, is that after the first video he had massive popularity so he could contact tons of people, tell them when he would be in their city and ask them to join him. So he contacted Stride again and asked if they would sponsor one more trip, a trip that would include local people dancing with him.

I watched part of one of his talks and he talked about bubbles, and how people are so comfortable in their little bubbles (apartment bubble, car bubble, workplace bubble, shopping mall bubble, etc.) He is using this opportunity as a way to try to get more United States Citizens to do more traveling and step outside of their comfort zones. I will say that it definitely worked on me. I want to travel now and feel lame for not ever really taking that option seriously.

So here it is… I hope either you have seen it, loved it then and don’t mind watching it again, or love it when you watch it for the first time now.

Here is the first video

Here is the second video (the one with many people displaying their own culture).

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