Whispering Pines Cottage

July 28th, 2008

I have always been looking for a WordPress gallery plugin that I can easily throw together and manage some images, galleries and albums on this blog. Well I found the perfect tool. It is called NEXTGen, and for anyone who is as geeky as me, it is sweet and lives here.

I uploaded some pictures from the Winter Wonderland trip that I took this past winter. We took a weekend and went up past Northport, to the tip of the pinky of Michigan. We stayed in a wonderful cabin called “Whispering Pines”. It was a small cabin that had 3 rooms (one of them a loft) a really cozy living room with a wood burning fireplace, and a hot tub on the back porch. It was located in the middle of a pine forest right outside of Leelanau State Park.

I should have uploaded these a while ago but I didn’t. I will upload some more pictures of other events soon. You can get there by clicking on the ‘Gallery’ link under ‘Pages’ in the navigation to the right. I will give a link in this post as well for anyone who gets these in their emails or RSS feeds.

Aaron’s New Gallery

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