“The National” in an Obama Ad & My Response to the RNC

September 5th, 2008

I’m not sure how political I want to get on this blog, but I need to, at least this once.

A co-worker of mine shared this youtube video with me the other day. I am a relieved to see it.

After watching all of the RNC stuff going on lately, it was comforting to watch this YouTube video and be reminded that open-mindedness, care, and a drive to understand others aren’t bad things. We are a country of many different types of people. I haven’t figured out how someone can support a campaign that is unwilling to waver on a position that opposes certain caring and understanding ideas. To openly condemn community organizers was a mistake on Sarah Palin’s part, and I would hope she would agree, but I think what it does say is something about the core of the party. They do not seem to concern themselves with inflammatory comments, comments that can easily offend people that are different from them (http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/). Rudy Giuliani ripped on the Democratic National Convention for never saying the term “Islamic Terrorism”. He openly ripped on them for being afraid of being politically incorrect. Really? Is it ridiculous to think that a large political party is going to try to be respectful to it’s country’s citizens? What does this say about Rudy Giuliani and the Republican Party? (See a response to it from the Muslim community). Sarah Palin stated that the Democrats would be worried about reading people that we arrest for terrorism their rights. This was meant to be a jab at the Democratic party. Are you kidding me? It is part of the United States judicial code that even the worst criminals get their rights read to them. Why would we openly argue that skipping civility is a preferred way to handle any type of judicial situation.

I am just tired of it. I’m tired of listening and trying to comprehend what these people are saying. I hate to admit it, but with these last three days, I will now openly say that I 100% agree with at least one thing the Obama campaign is running. The republican party is still the republican party. It is still the same republican party that has been running the country for most of the last 8 years. Change is something that seems refreshing to me. I like the sound of it, and am hopeful for something different than the last 4 days to run our country.

Here is a video about Hope and Change that excites me. “I don’t want a nation just for me, I want a nation for everybody”.

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