Forward Emails from Gmail to Google Wave

November 10th, 2009


Don’t do it! (yet)

With getting a new Google Wave account, I wanted to forward my Gmail emails to my Google Wave account. I saw that my Google Wave account was [username] so I figured I could do it. I went into Gmail. Followed Settings > Forward and set up Gmail to pass all of my emails on to google wave.

I left it on for a day or so, and maybe that was my big mistake. I have been getting emails every 20-30 minutes that have been telling me they cannot send my emails to Google Wave, and that they will retry for the next 2 days. They have a subject line of ‘Delivery Status Notification (Failure)’. Obviously I turned off my forwarding, however now, 3 days later, they are still coming in every 20-30 minutes telling me that the email failed.

So moral of the story. Don’t automatically forward your emails to Google Wave (yet!) and also, don’t leave that forward on any longer than you have to. Google Wave is not ready for it yet and it will get REALLY annoying.


  1. Well that’s horrible news!! I was hoping to do exactly what you did.. Thanks for the info!

  2. Phew. I was about to try that.

  3. Ditto. Thanks!

  4. I was also gonna try that… well thanks for the post. Was just trying to “make use” of my Wave account.

  5. Hey. Great info. Just wanted to tell you that your sidebar appears broken in IE6. Please fix it.

  6. So HOW do you forward an email to a wave then? so that the email becomes part of the items in a wave. Anybody?

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