The Astroids Galaxy Tour – Fruit

November 17th, 2009

Do you ever get in the mood, when you are scrolling through your large digital music collection, to listen to something different? …something that stands out? Well I do too. Therefore, I introduce you to… ‘Indie Funk’.

I do not know if the term has been coined yet, but it seems extremely fitting for my latest musical interest, ‘The Astroids Galaxy Tour’. This danish band plays dance-able funky music that will neither make VH1’s Classic Masters or Pitchfork’s Top 100 albums of the year. Mette Lindberg’s vocals (and the respective effects) seem as though they would be a contemporary indie rock band’s. Not entirely emotionless, Mette does not have the soulful, climbing vocals that you would normally associate with true funk music. Instead she drives the music and emotion with a specific harshness that resonates quite cold. Her songs of social heartache and physical conquests echo this sentiment.

Fruit is a perfect example of fun, driving, new music that pushes pop closer to the edge and is, therefore, intriguing. Give it a few listens. I promise Mette’s melodies, the simple bass lines, loose percussion and background brass will bring you out of that slump and back to tapping your foot to something you love in no time.

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Fruit – The Asteroids Galaxy T…

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