My newest project goes live:

March 18th, 2010
The Basics is the largest website that I have built yet. It is built on Sharepoint which means that a lot of work went in to making it look the way it does. Any of you who don’t know what Sharepoint is, know that it is relatively frustrating to style. I used jQuery 1.4.2 and ended up writing a slider plugin to do the slide effect that you see on the homepage and on the product pages. I used a modified simple accordion plugin and a modified lightbox plugin. All in all, it was a challenge.

The History / Process
Steelcase tasked Conduit Studios with designing their new look and feel. Conduit hired me as a freelance developer, last summer, to help build the site and through the process decided I was good enough for their team. I now work full-time with Tim Carpenter and John O’Niell at Conduit Studios in Grand Rapids, MI. These guys are genius’ and it is a pleasure to work with them. We currently do work for a large array of clients including Hush Puppies and other Wolverine World Wide companies, a number of Steelcase brands including Coalesse and Nurture, apparel retail company A.K.Rikk’s, and many more.

Check it out
So check out to see some of the work I have done recently. That slider thing on the home page, I built that!


  1. Your CSS and jQuery coding are second to none (at least in Michigan!). Great work – and for all those that go to View Source first when they see a beautiful website, we salute you! 🙂

  2. Thanks Luke. I really appreciate it. It was fun. But don’t be too humble… you know that you and Ryan Hullah did amazing things to get Sharepoint to be so friendly (plus everything else). I’m very happy with the final product. Salutes right back at you.

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