MaxImage 2.0-beta2 Release & jsFiddle with it

November 10th, 2011

MaxImage 2.0 is the first fullscreen background slideshow plugin that utilizes jQuery Cycle Plugin and all it’s transitions / options.  Check out the original post.

I have been testing MaxImage 2.0 beta before it’s public launch and the tests have been extremely hopeful.  I have successfully tested it in Firefox 3.6+ (Mac & PC), Safari, Chrome, Opera and even IE back to IE7.  All of the options I have tested work as expected.  All of the 28 transitions that cycle supports have been tested and work as expected.

Here is the coolest part though… I have set up the plugin in jsFiddle so that anyone can play with it and see how sweet it is.

JSFiddle with it at

Check out the beta release documentation and demo.


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