MaxImage 2.0-beta3 Release

April 26th, 2012

UPDATE: July 2012Checkout the official release of Maximage 2.0

I have just finished work on Maximage 2.0-beta3 which will include the ability to add custom HTML to slides. In beta2 you were limited to only using images, but this release will allow you to add other HTML.

See to see updates. The first slideshow has html text over the full size background image and the second has an embedded youtube video at full size.

You can download beta3 and help test it (report bugs to github) at:

For more information and installation / usage instructions see the beta1 release post:

Please remember that all new HTML inside of the slides will have to be styled with your own CSS.


  1. How Lucky…i need to pop over to your site to download the original files again as i had messed them up….and now youve added another version with html per image…..ill be giving this a go thisafternoon and get back to you….
    Ive been a supporter of this script since day one, and theres still np other outthere that is so simple and light

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  3. It’s an amazing script and works like a charm. I have a question.I added a pager and it gives me the number of slides, however “goto” slide function doesn’t work if I add a nav links like “home”
    Could you give a pointer what needs to be done?

  4. Hey,
    the pager anchor builder function doesn’t work properly in ie8 and below.

    Keep up the good work.

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