PHP snippet: Sort array on child array’s key value

April 10th, 2012

I have found myself digging for this code a few times recently. I figured I would just add it to the “easy access pile”. It’s a great way to sort an array of associative arrays… by one of the associative array key values.

function cust_sort($a,$b) {
	return strtolower($a['name']) > strtolower($b['name']);
usort($dealers, 'cust_sort');
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  1. Hi there, this was really helpful for me as far as brainstorming went. It really got me on the right track to what I needed to do. I ended up going about this a different way, however. Your way is much simpler but I ran into an issue where I had an array full of objects (etc etc, really just a mess) and needed to do similar. I did something like the following:

    $cities = array();
    foreach($locs as $loc) {

    Thanks for the spark, though!

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