IE7 Market Share

October 9th, 2012

Market share for browsers is hard to pinpoint but as a developer market share is extremely important. It increases not only the amount of time I will invariably have to spend going out of my way to make it 2006 compliant, but also the amount of money the website will cost the client.  This info is therefore pertinent to my sanity and our client’s bank accounts.

For that reason I am posting the 3 main sources that determine market share in a single location.  They are W3Counter, StatCounter Global Stats, and NetMarketShare.

IE7 Market share for September 2012 – 4.40% (link)

StatCounter Global Stats
IE7 Market share for September 2012 – 1.12% (link)

IE7 Market share for September 2012 – 2.51% (link)
(interestingly they have IE6 with a greater market share – 7.22%)

Average IE7 Market share for September 2012 (mean) – 2.68%

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