I have been a professional developer in the design community for five years.  I currently work with Conduit Studios which is located in Grand Rapids, MI. Before Conduit, I spent a few years working at People Design, also in Grand Rapids, MI. I am very meticulous about how well my work is constructed. My development skill-set has evolved over the years and now includes extremely custom WordPress CMS & PHP, jQuery, extensive CSS / valid HTML5, Ruby on Rails applications and pretty much any other framework thrown my way.

My personality, experience and work ethic shoot me beyond mainstream communication creatives and allow me to be a client facing asset that can explain complicated technical theory in a way that everyone can understand. I have a history of solving problems in a very intuitive and beautiful way and strongly believe that my mark on the field of development / design is one that propels myself and those around me to work to our maximized potential.

Oh… and I like music.